• We take Active Play to Another Level!

    With a distinct focus on fun, achievable play based learning, the children openly immerse themselves into the multi sensory activities and diverse, extensive range of topics the children love as:
    Music, Musical Instruments, Drama Plays, Dance, Puppetry, Performing Arts 
    Fun Multicultural Education Around the World
    Circus, Djembes, Sports, Gymnastics and Fitness Programs
    Heathy Food Choices, Our bodies, Our Feelings, Collaboration and Sharing
    Our Environment, Animal Kingdom, Recycle, Health and Safety
    Yoga, Mindfulness and Mediation… 


    All while simultaneously developing cognitive pathways, emotional and social skills, language, literacy and math foundations that is exciting, captures their joy and concentration whilst exploring their body and mind and having fun, fun, fun.


  • The programs alternate and are varied and can be used for specific EYLF relating to educators teachings and always room to cover some favourites themes


    • Disney’s Moana adventure yoga
    • Recycle, reuse in the house and garden
    • Marching and singing with the band
    • See us perform at the big top circus
    • Calming, healing mindful yoga
    • Beat the Bongo world music culture class
  • We are specialist’s in our field

    The frontal lobe of the brain is vital to our consciousness, as well as functions that appear uniquely human, such as speech and spoken language. 2019 worldwide research data has officially proven music develops the brain and the direct correlation how music, rhythm and language are developed particularly in Pre-School Children and those with Stroke and Alzheimer’s.
  • Utilizing expert musicians, fitness and yoga teachers our programs are afar from the standard.

    Unique, multi faceted arts, fitness and music programs the children love and specialists in our field, is why Early Learning Centres choose Jump for Joy.
  • Our specifically designed age appropriate programs are for ages 10 months- 6 years.

    Children feeling connected within the activities, their peers and environment creates a strong sense of wellbeing and identify for them, that opens all boundaries so they can contribute freely which empowers them, that is our aim.
  • Joy, Creativity, Active Learning, Wonderment, Skills for life…

    That’s Jump for Joy!